Draft trial locationmap
The latest version of the Lewisham and Lee Green Healthy Neighbourhood trial scheme (version 11) has incorporated feedback from the public and key stakeholders. It includes the following changes:

1) Manor Park/Lane – Following publication of a previous version of the plan, concerns were raised regarding the potential increase in vehicular traffic on Manor Park and Manor Lane, due to displaced traffic from the filters placed on nearby ‘rat-run’ roads. Modal filters are road closures where only cyclists and pedestrians can use the road as a through route. As a result, borough officers have been working with Transport for London (TfL) to look into the viability of including an additional filter on Manor Park and Manor Lane. From these discussions and high-level analysis, TfL and LB Lewisham are in agreement that further work will be focused on this option. However, further analysis is required to further test the option before getting formal sign off from TfL.

2) Reduction in number of modal filters – As a result of the latest version (v11) which seeks to stop through traffic using Manor Park and Manor Lane, less modal filters are required elsewhere and the following locations from Version 4 have been removed. However, these roads should still benefit from less traffic due to the location of other nearby filters:

a. *Eastdown Park
b. Manor Lane Terrace
c. Manor Lane (north)
d. Taunton Road
e. Effingham Road
f. Handen Road
g. Micheldever Road
h. Southbrook Road
i. *Morley Road

*location to be reviewed during the trial to assess impact of traffic behaviour in and around the project area

3) School Streets – An additional School Street has been added to the trial programme at Brindishe Lee Primary School.

4) Pascoe Road one-way – the one way working of Pascoe Road has been reversed to allow for local traffic to better access the A20.