Lewisham & Lee Green is changing

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We’re working with the community to make the neighbourhood greener, healthier and more attractive. Residents have asked to reduce through traffic, improve air quality and make it easier to walk and cycle.

Tell us what’s important to you, and what you think could be changed to make your neighbourhood healthier.

Lewisham & Lee Green is changing

A key target of both the Mayor of London and the London Borough of Lewisham’s Transport Strategy is for 80% of all journeys in London to be made by sustainable means of transport (walking, cycling and public transport) by 2041. To achieve this, we have to create street environments where traffic is reduced, and where vulnerable road users, including children and the elderly, feel more comfortable making journeys on foot or by bike.

What are the issues that you would like us to address?

How would you like to change Lewisham & Lee Green to make the area healthier, greener and more pleasant to live in?

Use this website to make your suggestions. We’ll take you through three steps:


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You will be able to vote on solutions here in June, and can also attend a public workshop on 5th or 8th of June. See the FAQs for more info.

Thank you for telling us about the issues you think need to be tackled in your local streets.