Lewisham & Lee Green is changing

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This programme is being affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Please see below for further information.

Programme update in response to COVID-19

Transport for London were the major funder for our Healthy Neighbourhoods programme. TfL are now in a perilous financial position due to COVID-19 and as a consequence have instructed all boroughs to bring their TfL funded projects to a safe halt. We do not yet know what this means in the long term for the future of the Healthy Neighbourhood programme, but we remain committed the principles of the programme and hope that funding will become available.

In response to COVID 19 Lewisham Council are introducing a number of temporary emergency measures across the borough to support social distancing, and to encourage people to walk and cycle as alternatives to private car use or public transport. As part of this response we are reviewing what measures could be included as part of this programme of works in the Lee Green and Lewisham Healthy Neighbourhood area. We will provide a fuller update via letter drop and through our email list to residents in the Lee Green and Lewisham Healthy Neighbourhood in the coming weeks and before any interventions are introduced.

Lewisham & Lee Green is changing

We’re working with the community to make the neighbourhood greener, healthier and more attractive. Residents have asked to reduce through traffic, improve air quality and make it easier to walk and cycle.

A key target of both the Mayor of London and the London Borough of Lewisham’s Transport Strategy is for 80% of all journeys in London to be made by sustainable means of transport (walking, cycling and public transport) by 2041. To achieve this, we have to create street environments where traffic is reduced, and where vulnerable road users, including children and the elderly, feel more comfortable making journeys on foot or by bike.