On 1-way section of Leahurst, drivers ignore speed bumps, raised table and 20 mph limit. They just sound horn and hit the accelerator. Better to make it 2-way and close one end
11:04 - 2019/07/26
Make the sections of Leahurst Road adjacent to the two schools resident parking only for the whole day. We should be discouraging parents and carers from driving children to school.
10:52 - 2019/07/26
Close the road from junction of Leahurst and Ennersdale to Leahurst and Longhurst. Most of the "rat run" traffic has to pass through this stretch of road and closure will kill it off
10:47 - 2019/07/26
Remove parking on pavements. Apart from making it easier to walk about, it will also and make it harder for them to pass through the streets. Drivers only rat run because it is easy
10:42 - 2019/07/26
Abergeldie resident. As noted by others, closing Upwood is impractical for local residents...not everyone is driving to Lee Station! Scheme needs to consider Greenwich roads too.
12:31 - 2019/07/25
What about the incessant bonfires on the Crathie Road West Allotments. The plot holders burn damp vegetation (illegal) and also non vegetation materials This all adds to air pollution
10:25 - 2019/07/25
You can not deny local residents access to Upwood Road. Why do you not make Upwood Road and Horn Park Lane residents parking only. Upwood Road is a station car park for Lee station.
13:20 - 2019/07/24
If the significant traffic is people cutting through I don’t think it is right that local residents should be denied the use of Upwood Road. Not all of us can walk or ride.
14:20 - 2019/07/23
The proposals which advocate closing Upwood Road to traffic are impractical. The result would be grid lock morning and evening on Horn Park Lane. Residents would not be able to leave their houses.
10:56 - 2019/07/23
In Upwood Road area my concern is that the current proposals are tackling the symptom (rat-running) not the cause. The question is - Why are the A205 and A20 being avoided?
08:18 - 2019/07/23
proposed upwood road traffic measures would create severe pressure on horn park lane junctions which are already busy and displace any issues rather than solve them.
21:45 - 2019/07/22
In relation to proposed upwood road traffic measures this will create sever pressure on horn park lane junction to the a20 which is already
21:45 - 2019/07/22
I suggest in order to reduce the non-residents parking in working hours to limit the allowance to only after 5pm and weekends
20:24 - 2019/07/20
I suggest 1) to install road humps on all residential roads and 2) to introduce speed limit of 20 miles on them (Crathie Road, Scotsdale road, etc)
20:24 - 2019/07/20
One way streets often encourage excessive speeds and can increase rat-running traffic and can discourage cycling. Any existing one-way streets (and new ones) must allow contra-flow use for cyclists
13:12 - 2019/07/20
A one way system should be implemented on Leahurst & Longhurst Roads between Ennersdale Rd & Manor Lane as roads to narrow for cars to pass each other at busy times
20:59 - 2019/07/16
I support the proposals made by Livelee to end Rat running, end Commuter parking and make our streets east of Burnt Ash Road cleaner,Quieter and Safer.
11:54 - 2019/07/16
People who live here should be able to access all roads at all times. Roads could ban non residents during peak times similar to bus lanes. No resident sticker in the car no access
09:52 - 2019/07/16
Streets need to be lined with trees (for shade) and have space for community/business tended flower beds. If streets are nicer to be in people are more likely to walk/cycle
09:25 - 2019/07/16
Please stop people paving over front gardens to park cars on. We need our 'green corridors' in urban areas. Some roads are beginning to look like roundabouts.
07:22 - 2019/07/16
Rat running and commuter parking are issues on Greenwich roads (Abergeldie/Craithie/Horn Park Lane) as well as Lewisham ones. Any solution must consider the impact on all residents & ensure benefits.
22:27 - 2019/07/15
I would prefer roads not to be entirely blocked as it breaks up neighbourhoods and creates winners and losers among residents. School Streets a good idea.
22:27 - 2019/07/15
Encourage more bikes, electric bikes and electric scooters. Make one pavement on all toads a bike/scooter lane
15:58 - 2019/07/15
Upwood Rd is a car park for Lee Station and a rat run. Residents parking at key hours and not available to drive down at morning and evening rush hour
15:54 - 2019/07/15
Having attended the recent Design consultation sessions at Manor library for the lee/leegreen Sustrans project - which I thought were great by the way ! - as residents on Dallinger road we were a litt
12:30 - 2019/07/15
Dorville Road and Upwood Road take all the traffic coming off the A2 and A20. From here it makes it way into the main Lee residential area. Block off these two streets and you will solve the problem.
10:58 - 2019/07/15
I support the proposals made by LiveLee to end rat running, end commuter parking and make our streets east of Burnt Ash Road cleaner, quieter and safer.
09:42 - 2019/07/15
Experimental Traffic Order gives you maximum 18 months.
09:08 - 2019/07/15
Filters are better than one-way systems. Please use filters. Also: You don't need to do TRO, you can do
09:08 - 2019/07/15
I support the proposals made by LiveLee to end rat running, end commuter parking and make our streets east of Burnt Ash Road cleaner, quieter and safer.
08:39 - 2019/07/15
22:29 - 2019/07/14
The traffic on the narrow HORN PARK LANE from 6:30 am in the morning till 9:30 am is UNBEARABLE since it is used by TRADES people and other TRYINNG to take a SHORT cut from South Circular road to Burn
22:29 - 2019/07/14
I live on Upwood Road where the cut through is particularly bad, so I support the proposals made by LiveLee to end rat running, end commuter parking and make our streets east of Burnt Ash Road cleaner
20:38 - 2019/07/14
Stop commuter parking in horn park lane
16:12 - 2019/07/14
We already have these in the area and it probably slows down traffic as it enters the street but it is not enough.
11:01 - 2019/07/14
I support the proposals made by LiveLee to end rat running, end commuter parking.
10:39 - 2019/07/14
I support the proposals made by LiveLee to end rat running, end commuter parking and make our streets east of Burnt Ash Road cleaner, quieter and safer.
10:39 - 2019/07/14
Have a zebra crossing, on dermody road and eastdown park
08:16 - 2019/07/14
Eltham Road leading into Crathie Road should be no entry as this road junction is heavily congested with parked cars
06:27 - 2019/07/14
Morning Traffic and rat running issue on Horn Park and Upwood is non existent during school holidays so CPZ won’t address the cause.
20:08 - 2019/07/12
I would like to stop cyclists from blatantly breaking the Highway Code, riding through red lights, on pavements and travelling in the wrong direction along 'One Way' streets, i.e. Leahurst Rd.
13:21 - 2019/07/12
I think Lee High Road in particular needs a lot more trees, space permitting. If you can encourage businesses to adopt living walls this can be a good solution where the pavements are narrow.
12:49 - 2019/07/12
Direct bus route from Sidcup road to Hither Green and Lee station.
07:42 - 2019/07/12
We need one bus route that takes you from Sutcliffe Park area to Lee station. That would alleviate the need for drivers in Crathie, Scotsdale and Abergeldie roads driving to Lee station.
07:36 - 2019/07/12
At the crossings between big roads and residential areas, make the double-yellow corners actually double-red. No one should park there, as it makes it very unsafe for pedestrians(esp kids) &enforce it
21:05 - 2019/07/11
Make a crossing point on ennersdale Road SE13. This road is extremely busy at most times of the day. There is no safe place for the children to cross going to Trinity School.
08:45 - 2019/07/11
Make crossing easy and convenient. More zebra crossing.
05:02 - 2019/07/11
Install signage near to Trinity primary school and a safe way to cross Ennersdale road please. The one way roads either side of the school result in a continuous flow at peaks times and it is unsafe
18:43 - 2019/07/10
Secure crossings for the roads around school
13:36 - 2019/07/10
Secure crossing
13:36 - 2019/07/10
I would like more zebra crossings or signage for school zones for Trinity Primary school. It’s very congested at the intersection of Ennersdale and Leahurst and the blind corner is dangerous.
09:03 - 2019/07/10
Block off Dorville Road and Upwood Road as these two streets funnel traffic off the South Circular and the A20 straight into the Lee residential area.
08:54 - 2019/07/10
Higher speed bumps and speed cameras on Manor Lane, the ones are currently too flat and cars/vans still speed and bounce, so even more dangerous. Need very high speed bumps.
08:01 - 2019/07/10
We think timed road closure is unlikely to be effective along Eastdown Park as rat-running traffic is heavy most of the day, and without cameras, enforcement may be difficult
19:11 - 2019/07/09
Closing one end of Wisteria Road to through traffic would be effective in preventing cars and vans speeding through to beat traffic on the Eastdown Park/Dermody Road Rat-Run between the A20 and A21
19:11 - 2019/07/09
A banned right turn from Eastdown Park into Dermody Rd - and a banned left turn from Dermody into Eastdown - would be effective at preventing the high volume of cars rat-running between the A20 & A21
19:11 - 2019/07/09
Narrowing Eastdown Park with bollards would be effective at preventing the large number of vans & large vehicles rat-running and speeding between the A20 and A21 (via Eastdown Park and Dermody Road)
19:11 - 2019/07/09
Closing Eastdown Park to through traffic would be very effective at preventing the high volume of cars, vans & HGVs rat-running and speeding between the A20 and A21 (via Eastdown Park & Dermody Rd)
19:11 - 2019/07/09
How much difference would it make to local roads if Ennersdale railway bridge was one way out of town from midnight until midday and then one way into town until midnight?
19:09 - 2019/07/09
to have 2 hour parking restrictions in the morning and 1 hour parking restrictions in the afternoon to help residents park in their own street, and a review of some of the parking areas.
07:40 - 2019/07/09
Make certain roads no entry 6:30-9 Mon-Fri (ONLY) in 1 direction and 4-6:30 in the other direction from the South Circular into Horn Park Lane and Abergeldie Road.
15:59 - 2019/07/07
Stop parking on one side of the road on alternate days Cars are far wider than they used to be 20 years ago when the cars could easily pass each other. This would stop the daily snarl-ups.
15:59 - 2019/07/07
To really tackle pollution we need to reduce the volume of traffic on Lee High road, particularity large lorries and vans. Could we have “no lorries” days to allow diesel pollution to dissipate
17:17 - 2019/07/06
Data says speed is 25mph on Longhurst. I can assure you it is more like 40mph. Crossing is dangerous with no pedestrian areas near Staplehurst (often crashes). Close the road or add a crossing.
14:44 - 2019/07/06
A longer CPZ time would help. Also, there are no trees in Longhurst (Ennersdale end). Planting trees would make the air cleaner and the road appear more residential, slowing traffic down.
14:44 - 2019/07/06
Cars/lorries (minus emergency) need to be stopped from entering Longhurst from Ennersdale/Leahurst - used as a rat-run with excessive speeding/noise, resulting in crashes pedestrian near misses.
14:44 - 2019/07/06
Longhurst Rd between Staplehurst Rd and Manor Lane is only one car wide due to cars parking on both sides. This should be made one way towards Staplehurst Rd to ease the flow and make safer.
14:22 - 2019/07/06
Cars and vans are cutting down Longhurst Rd from Ennersdale Rd. A collapsible barrier should be put in place at the top of Longhurst Rd to stop this.
14:06 - 2019/07/06
I support the proposals made by LiveLee to end rat running,end commuter parking and make our streets east of Burnt Ash Road cleaner, quieter and safer.
07:25 - 2019/07/06
Make some roads only one way.
22:14 - 2019/07/05
Issue: Dallinger Road is a cut through to the south circ. Solution: More aggressive speed bumps, no left hand turn on dallinger/manor lane, speed limit signs.
21:06 - 2019/07/05
I support the proposals made by Live Lee to end rat running, end commuter parking and make our streets east of Burnt Ash Road cleaner, quieter and safer.
20:30 - 2019/07/05
Cambridge Drive and Upwood Road suffer huge amounts of rat running traffic. Please stop these selfish drivers.
18:15 - 2019/07/05
At light controlled junctions there should be a pedestrian phase on every arm. The amount of time to "wait" should be shown and not a countdown to cross.
14:53 - 2019/07/05
At Pelicans pedestrians should wait less than 5 seconds unless a case can be made for a longer wait time - eg time since last time motor traffic stopped.
14:53 - 2019/07/05
Pedestrian crossing should follow desire lines and then should be Zebra crossings by default. A case can then be made for a downgrade to informal or an upgrade to Pelican/Puffin.
14:53 - 2019/07/05
Remove all pavement parking
14:53 - 2019/07/05
The amount of noise + traffic in Lewisham centre near the mall, station & police station is ridiculous. I can't see the proposal to address this. I dont go shopping in Lewisham centre because of this
01:45 - 2019/07/05
Just ban the cars or close the roads or put width restrictions - charging people for parking is not going to get rid of the rat runners who are just using this area as a cut through!
00:37 - 2019/07/05
Smarter traffic lights - faster, more responsive. Less speed bumps, they cause more pollution. Narrow the roads instead with greenery.
21:06 - 2019/07/04
removal of log burners, council diesel vehicles, non-electric leaf blowers, charge on all diesel vehicles parked off street in borough, charge on diesel vehicles entering Lewisham borough as a toll
17:54 - 2019/07/04
17:54 - 2019/07/04
Install “fire gates” ( as on Boyne Road) to create more pseudo cul-de-sacs.
14:14 - 2019/07/04
No cars down residential streets, limit to main roads only
10:25 - 2019/07/03
Limit traffic to main roads - so no through roads in residential side streets other than to visitors and residents parking. There could be a toll system for this
10:25 - 2019/07/03
leahurst road needs longer restiricted time as the residents hardly stand a chance of parking after 3 pm . should be 10-12 and then 5-7
09:31 - 2019/07/03
Residents only access. I live on a resudential road which is used as a rat run.
07:23 - 2019/07/03
Changing parking spaces on e.g. Springbank and fernbrook would make a big difference to how cars get through. Currently, they are more like one lane, so work on this to improve traffic flow
13:41 - 2019/07/02
Narrowing the roads at pedestrian crossing junctions, as on Manor lane, does not work. It infuriates drivers and is nonsensical. A better way would be to have a one way systems in conservation area
13:41 - 2019/07/02
Make some steets one way where they are narrow and pollution builds up from cars waiting to take their turn
13:34 - 2019/07/02
Not dropped kerbs, but raised crossings (+narrowing of junctions)
10:34 - 2019/07/02
Leahurst road needs cut in parking spaces like Manor Park
07:33 - 2019/07/02
MAke crossings work quicker when pedestrians press the button
21:25 - 2019/07/01
Temporary smart roads that block out traffic when rrat running comes up.
21:25 - 2019/07/01
Massive reduction in vehicle numbers essential. Bring in road charging. Ensure speed liit across borough is 20mph. Ensure priority is given to buses and vulnerable road users.
21:25 - 2019/07/01
Block all rat runs. In the early 80s Lewisham residents blocked residents after a child was slaughtered on a rat run. Do it again.
21:25 - 2019/07/01
Extend ULEZ to include South circular.
19:29 - 2019/07/01
Cars and bikes jumping red lights at the crossing on Burnt Ash Hill by the florist shop. This happens nearly every time I cross- morning rush hour. It is dangerous. School children use it.
18:34 - 2019/07/01
Eastdown Park and adjoining roads are already CPZs and this does not deter cars from 'rat- running '
18:17 - 2019/07/01
suggesting that Lewis Grove is a cycle lane is a joke - the huge number of buses makes it impossible to drive through on a bike: just the fumes are enough to kill you, let alone being squashed between
16:54 - 2019/07/01