Sustrans and The Future Fox supported the London Borough of Lewisham in running the Lewisham & Lee Green Healthy Neighbourhoods engagement. Sustrans reported on overall engagement and community feedback, and The Future Fox reported results of the digital engagement.

From May to October 2019 the London Borough of Lewisham, in partnership with Sustrans and The Future Fox, engaged with local community in Lewisham and Lee Green to help further understand local traffic related issues and identify schemes to address them. The engagement was divided into two phases:

· Discover – identifying the traffic related issues faced by residents in Lewisham and Lee Green
· Co-design – identifying schemes to address the issues faced


An area wide mailout was sent to 8785 households, including information about the Healthy Neighbourhood programme and a link inviting residents to complete an online survey using The FutureFox’s StreetBuilder tool.

To ensure a wide range of views from the local community were captured, Sustrans held two scheduled drop-in sessions at Manor Park Library and pop-up events at St. Winifred’s Primary School and Manor Park Gardens Festival. This was an opportunity for residents to come and talk to us about the Healthy Neighbourhood programme, give us insight into their traffic related issues and promote the StreetBuilder tool. Additionally we used social media, on-street posters and spoke at the Lee Green assembly to promote the Healthy Neighbourhood programme.

797 members of the public responded on StreetBuilder, which found that the most significant issue in the area was cars cutting through residential streets (rat-running). For more detailed results from the engagement refer to the Lewisham and Lee Green engagement report.


Two public co-design workshops were held at Manor Park Library, which were attended by over 100 residents. At the workshops we shared findings from the Discover phase of StreetBuilder with the community and gave the opportunity for participants to explore solutions to the issues that were identified with a Sustrans Engineer and Urban Designer. This was done through a range of interactive activities and facilitated discussions.

Residents were also able to participate in exploring solutions online using StreetBuilder. 271 responses were received that rated possible solutions to the issues in the area.

Please download the report here

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