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Over 130 people submitted answers in the first phase of the Lewisham Healthy Neighbourhoods consultation in East Sydenham.

We asked people to submit comments about the East Sydenham area on the StreetBuilder website, and/or attend co-design workshops. This way we can understand how people feel about traffic, noise, air quality and other aspects in the area.

We received over 130 submissions about 292 locations in East Sydenham. Since July the community has given us feedback where the traffic issues are most problematic.

The bar chart below shows the number of times people uploaded a comment with a location for each issue.


The maps below show locations for certain issues. People have identified locations where they feel the amount of traffic or rat running is an issue. There were a number of roads that were mentioned frequently: Sydenham Road, Mayow Road and Perry Rise.


People have commented on the need for safe space for pedestrians and cyclists particularly at the Sainsbury’s in Bell Green.


Pollution outside schools has also been highlighted as an issue that concerns many locals. People specifically commented on the area of Haseltine Primary School.


The second phase of the consultation has now started. Tell us what you think should be built to make your neighbourhood healthier. Click the “Start” button on the main page and submit your preferences by 26th October.

You can also discuss the feedback data in more detail at the next public workshop.

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Perry Rise is a particular problem for speeding vehicles, throughout the day and late at night. I would like to see a speed camera installed to slow traffic down to 20 mph.
11:44 - 2019/10/24
I have commented before, but I would like to highlight the growing problem of flytipping on Dacres Road and Silverdale; the spine between Forest HIll and Sydenham.
13:31 - 2019/10/23
Do something with the old Coop supermarket..its an eyesore and doea nothing for the community and the high street
14:09 - 2019/10/22
Closing roads is a bad idea. Not everyone is able to walk or cycle (elderly, disabled etc) plus it makes it much harder for emergency vehicles. Don't just think of yourselves. Think practically!
12:44 - 2019/10/22
Much of the problems are caused by heavy traffic from the Bromley industrial estates
09:29 - 2019/10/18
Unable to park on the street where we live due to commuters, shop workers and people who live on the high street. Also, Homecroft Road is now used as a through road for Tredown, Venner, Wiverton, Byne
08:38 - 2019/10/18
Commuters and ship workers parking on our street every day.
08:38 - 2019/10/18
I have nothing against CPZs but they do NOTHING to stop rat-running
17:57 - 2019/10/14
Narrowing minor roads will not stop rat-running - closing them will - there are plenty of good examples in (other) parts of LBL, but its years since we had any new closures.
17:57 - 2019/10/14
Speeding especially Mayow Road
22:35 - 2019/10/09
You need better public transport options which in Lewisham are poor
18:47 - 2019/10/09
Highclere street is a rat run. Blocking it off at either end would solve this.
17:45 - 2019/10/09
There needs to be a safe railway crossing for bikes. At the moment to travel from Forest Hill into Sydenham by bike it's only possible to go on very busy main roads or over a step bridge.
16:50 - 2019/10/09
Residential parking on streets surrounding the train station. I can never park on my road never mind outside.
15:16 - 2019/10/09
Residential parking or time limit parking ie ; 10-2pm on Queensthorpe Rd - and surrounding roads near train station. It’s a joke trying to park on my road because of the people using the station.
13:40 - 2019/10/09
Lower Sydenham station provided vital train links, but is not served by any bus stop.This can/should be changed!
06:30 - 2019/10/09
Also add speed bumps and speed cameras. Too many people speed in sydenham, mostly cars and motorcycles. I regularly see young guys on motorbikes doing wheelies at high speed around sydenham.
05:18 - 2019/10/09
Unable to park on the street where I live during the day or late at night when returning from work. Homecroft Road is a total nightmare to live on now. It is also used as a through road.
22:20 - 2019/10/08
Please place more cameras in the area to catch speeding motorists or those who run red lights. Also please enforce the parking restrictions more often - vans often park on the corners of streets.
15:33 - 2019/09/21
Stop cars; vans, etc from parking on the pavement in Sydenham Road (starting near junction of Kent House Road, outside the local shops and empty building site. health & safety issue
09:34 - 2019/09/20
Remove parking for cars on Sydenham high street to limit car traffic/pollution, only let delivery vans park temporarily, use extra space to introduce safe cycling lanes, set up speed cameras.
07:58 - 2019/09/18
stopping parking on the high-street and main roads and only allow vans and lorries to load/unload where there is sufficient space to still have easy flowing 2 way traffic.
18:31 - 2019/09/16
Litter management in the Silverdale/Dacres Road route from Sydenham to Forest Hill. It is a significant problem.
16:33 - 2019/09/16
Planning enforcement needs to happen routinely. Area has been a total free-for-all for developers.
14:03 - 2019/08/17
Sydenham is a great place. It just needs a bit more care.
13:50 - 2019/08/16
The unused supermarket could be turned into a creative hub for artists & residents. Maybe a base for a community radio station, cafe and drama workshop studio.
13:50 - 2019/08/16
Silverdale is a rat run and cars speed through regardless of the speed humps. Speed cameras would be useful on this road and Dacres Road..
13:50 - 2019/08/16
The high street needs some care and rejuvenation. The empty shops creates a sense of neglect. Sydenham is so lucky to have a thriving community - our high street should reflect this.
09:43 - 2019/08/16
Bringing more restaurants, cafes & culture to the high street
19:51 - 2019/08/15
Something needs to be done about the shocking amount of litter on Dacres Road and Silverdale. As a very well used corridor between Forest Hill and Sydenham High Street, there are but two bins!!
12:09 - 2019/08/02
Ways to encourage take up of electric vehicles
06:46 - 2019/07/31
Extend parking to an hour or 90 minutes at Kirkdale end of High Street. 40 mins never long enough to go anywhere for dinner with the kids.
19:18 - 2019/07/29
Less on street parking or better parking. The roads aren’t wide enough for cars to park on both sides of the street and for cars/busses to pass safely or for pedestrians to cross safely.
19:13 - 2019/07/29
Would be good to reduce parking on Sydenham high street and further along (or ban it altogether) This would help traffic flow and mean that there would be room for segregated cycling lane and greenery
16:37 - 2019/07/29
You need to sort out the traffic lights that is what course the build up of cars.
20:49 - 2019/07/25
I would like to reduce the speed of cars travelling in both directions on the Sydenham part of Kent House Road. The road is wide and there are no traffic calming measures.
21:18 - 2019/07/24
I made 4 comments on different aspects. I hope they are saved!
12:16 - 2019/07/24
Clean and tidy waste bins
16:07 - 2019/07/22
A large pecentage of traffic is vans and lorries and obviously not residential.
19:49 - 2019/07/21
Silverdale is a hugely popular rat run.
19:49 - 2019/07/21
A no right turn into Silverdale from Sydeham High Road and a no right turn from Silverdale into the High Road would alleviate the problem of the build up of stationary cars.
19:49 - 2019/07/21
Traffic turning right into Sydenham High Road causes a tailback in Silverdale sometimes all the way past Bishopsthorpe.
19:49 - 2019/07/21
Cars being parked waiting to pick people up from Sydenham station alleyway on Silverdale - cars left running whilst waiting.
19:49 - 2019/07/21
Generally all day continuous. A vast increase between 6.30 and 9 a.m. and 4.30 and 7pm (rush hours) a the Sydenham High Road end of Silverdale.
19:49 - 2019/07/21
Traffic on Silverdale is frequent and mostly heavy due to it being used as a rat run esp. between Bishopsthorpe Rd leading up to the high st. There should be no right turn from Silverdale into high st
19:25 - 2019/07/21
Pollution due to stand still or slow moving traffic on the high street and at cobs corner, where many children use the route to walk to and from school and after school clubs
20:51 - 2019/07/18
The amount of rubbish littered on silverdale road is disgusting.
18:56 - 2019/07/18
Parkings on both side of the road took up space for pedestrian and cyclists, and generally affecting the smooth flow of traffic along silverdale road.
18:49 - 2019/07/18
Get a tenant into the old supermarket on the high street., it’s depressing to look at everyday standing empty. Stop charging for the car park, so we can actually park on our own streets.
22:08 - 2019/07/17
Less empty shops in the high street. Get someone into the old Co-Op. it’s an eyesore.
22:08 - 2019/07/17
I am very concerned about cars speeding in and around Sydenham Road and also running red lights and even driving on the wrong side of the road. There need to be traffic cameras to control this.
13:35 - 2019/07/16
Large trucks reversing on the high street
12:44 - 2019/07/14
empty shops
20:25 - 2019/07/13
The current empty supermarket building on Sydenham road needs to let and used. It creates an environment of disuse in Sydenham. All the large empty buildings create a poor environment.
20:54 - 2019/07/11
Adult cyclists on the pavement
15:54 - 2019/07/09
People need to get out of their cars. Yes the buses take longer but that’s because so many people are using cars and therefore causing traffic. Driving needs to become much more expensive.
18:23 - 2019/07/07
On Venner Road we get a lot of people using it to park to walk to the station. Reducing the amount of cars using Venner Road and the speed they go would make it safer
08:42 - 2019/07/06