Most recent comments from the Lewisham & Lee Green area

Hundreds of residents from the area and nearby have provided feedback since May on where the traffic issues are most problematic.

The streets within the cell most commonly identified as problematic are Manor Lane, Burnt Ash Hill, Upwood Road, Manor Park.

The most commonly raised issues are

  1. Rat running (cars cutting through residential streets), in particular with relation to the South Circular and peak times
  2. Pollution from cars and vans
  3. Amount of car traffic on the street

Many respondents feel that 20mph zones without physical measures, and existing speed cushions/bumps/humps, are not effectively reducing traffic speeds nor creating a safe environment.

Air pollution is a theme respondents feel strongly about, with some concern about idling in specific locations, and there has been some feedback that traffic and pollution have got worse over recent years.


You can discuss the feedback data in more detail at the next public workshop.

Here are people’s other suggestions.

Use ANPR or something else to limit these streets to local residents at peak times. Many are being used as a rat run. Colfes should be working with their parents to come up with solutions
15:33 - 2019/07/01
Blocking exit from Upwood Rd at junction with Burnt Ash Rd will be rejected by Leyland Rd Residents. Better idea; block at junction with Leyland Rd so residents can still exit but rat runners cannot.
11:27 - 2019/06/30
Road closures will make regular journeys to the hospital for our elderly mother frustrating. ANPR should let residents and approved vehicles enter or leave area as now and enforce average speed limit.
19:57 - 2019/06/29
Trees in Upwood Road would be nice, we don’t have many. People’s main concern over the east of Burnt Ash Road though firstly is to fix the critical and dangerous problem of the traffic.
09:37 - 2019/06/29
Problem with this proposal is that there is a lot of aggressive angry drivers about who become impatient. Whatever solution is put in place needs some kind of policing.
09:36 - 2019/06/29
Existing narrowing points on Manor Park, Manor Lane, Leahurst Rd should be turned into modal filters (plus other measures). The bus gate in the Manor Park filter would need 24/7 camera enforcement.
13:22 - 2019/06/28
Just a comment (not a suggestion sorry): how can CPZ possibly improve rat running? I am very sceptical, the vast majority of rat runners are not going to park here! Thanks
08:16 - 2019/06/27
Introduce more speed cameras. Remove or introduce better speed bumps, they are useless and very noisy, as vans don't slow down but they speed over the bumps making a lot of noise.
08:16 - 2019/06/27
Introduce one-way traffic to avoid congestion in narrow roads.
08:16 - 2019/06/27
Introduce one-way traffic in the narrow roads. Eg in Fernbrook Road you often have cars and vans forming long queues (which is very polluting and noisy) because they can't get through
08:16 - 2019/06/27
I think Fernbrook Rd should not be a bus route as the road is not wide enough. Residents have to park halfway on the pavement and even then buses and cars cannot easily pass each other.
17:59 - 2019/06/24
Parking issues around Lenham Road caused by the 100’s cars belonging to the congregations from the 4 nearby churches. Dangerous and inconsiderate parking blocking local residents.
19:37 - 2019/06/23
Manor Park has a lot of speeding traffic during rush hours when people are trying to get to the station. The split humps mean that many cars 'play chicken' in the middle of the road
14:29 - 2019/06/22
There are far too many people using Upwood road and surrounding streets as a free car park for the station. This issue has deteriorated since parking restrictions were introduced nearby
18:27 - 2019/06/21
Cars cutting through IN PEAK TIMES ONLY, especially the morning peak. At other times it is fine. Any restrictions on through traffic must only be AT PEAK TIMES eg 7am to 9am.
13:18 - 2019/06/21
Stop parking on one side of Upwood Road so that the cars (which are far wider than they ever used to be when we moved here 25years ago) can pass each other without fisticuffs and rants between drivers
13:18 - 2019/06/21
Parking - needs to be restricted to prevent commuter parking. Will stop inconsiderate parking across drives & stop commuters coming from Kent making Lee station busier & difficult to get on trains
11:43 - 2019/06/21
There is a serious issue with so called rat running in Cambridge Dr and Dorville Rd. The end of Cambridge Dr and Eltham Rd is ridicuous with cars and Trucks! permitted to park too close to the end.
09:06 - 2019/06/21
The junction between Ennersdale Road and Leahurst is difficult to cross safely. Obvious to all, but it seems our council are waiting for somebody to be killed before doing anything as they need stats
15:49 - 2019/06/17
Too many people driving kids to school causing pollution and congestion. Many sit with idling engines whilst waiting. Remove or more heavily restrict parking outside schools to force to walk or bus
15:41 - 2019/06/17
Not enough space to walk on pavements as there is parking on the pavements Get rid of them / keep parking on the roads. Some parking bays could also be given over to cycle parking & car clubs
15:35 - 2019/06/17
There is too much traffic at peak times, as vehicles cut through from NW to SE or vice versa. Make it harder for traffic to move through area (close roads if req. ) so they stick to major roads
15:30 - 2019/06/17
People are parking up in the roads near to Hither Green station and then take the train into London. Make parking resident only to reduce traffic volumes and pollution
15:25 - 2019/06/17
Noise from motorcycles. Why are they allowed to get away with it? It's very oppressive as motorcyclists accelerate away from the traffic lights at the junction of Eltham Road with Kidbrooke Park Road.
01:15 - 2019/06/17
I am concerned about the effect of schools on Lee Green. there are three local schools with parents parking to pick up their children . Pupil congestion at bus stops and on pavements is a problem.
17:19 - 2019/06/16
Permeability to local residents to the exclusion of rat runners. | may not like rat runners but I'm not anti-car. Ennersdale Road is one of the few ways for local people to cross the railway
19:50 - 2019/06/11
Noisy motor bikes, excessive use of sirens by emergency services. Noisy buses and waste trucks. Vibrating the area with powerful bass noises setting off car alarms.
12:35 - 2019/06/11
Speed Limits being adhered to on the 20mph roads within the residential areas. Including local buses
12:17 - 2019/06/11
Speeding vehicles. Leahurst Rd where I live has far too many speeding vehicles. The speed limit changed recently from 30mph to 20mph, however there are NO signs.
10:40 - 2019/06/11
Get TFL to recognise the Waterlink Way as a “quiet routes“ as it’s a (mostly) easy way of cycling from Lewisham up to the existing “quiet route” in Deptford/Greenwich but its under-publicised.
20:43 - 2019/06/10
The rat running has to be stopped in Cambridge Drive and Dorville Road. The junction at the end of Cambridge Drive and Eltham Road is very dangerous.
11:47 - 2019/06/10
All for more cycling but any separate lanes should not make it harder for pedestrians to cross roads
19:22 - 2019/06/09
More police on the beat and visiting schools
09:39 - 2019/06/09
Ped and cycle only access to Lewisham high street, reroute buses. Ped access at Lewisham high rd and A20 is very poor.
13:54 - 2019/06/08
Streets more green
18:46 - 2019/06/07
Encourage cars to be parked off road by reducing costs and planning processes to install dropped kerbs.
15:35 - 2019/06/07
The ULEZ extension in 2021 should include the South circular. Traffic will be forced onto this road which will make air quality even worse.
15:28 - 2019/06/07
Make sure all traffic lights in crossings also have pedestrian lights - e.g. Lewis Grove with Lewisham High St. Loampit vale should be improved in terms of sidewalks (the wall doesn't seem safe)
13:24 - 2019/06/07
make sure all crossings with traffic lights have also pedestrian lights! enough space to walk - some sidewalks shouls
13:24 - 2019/06/07
As Fernbrook road is a bus route and is narrow. Cars, vans and lorries often get stuck. Horn blowing, bad language, revving of engines and idling. It should be made into a bus, taxi and residents on
08:41 - 2019/06/07
To reduce the need for car journeys it would help if the 202 bus route was extended to Bugsby’s Way. At present many east/west buses go there but there is little connection from areas to the south
07:59 - 2019/06/07
Fernbrook Road needs passing places as the buses often get jammed here. Everyone gets angry. Either that or make it one way.
07:59 - 2019/06/07
The noise and toxic pollution from low flying aircraft on the flight path to London City airport.
20:56 - 2019/06/06
The map doesn't show the town centre. It is hard to cross the road, crossings do not follow desire lines so people cross understandably where it is most conveient. Also you get stranded in 4/5 lanes
11:46 - 2019/06/06
Car parking everywhere in hither green invading the footpath. Making it inaccessible for prams and wheelchairs
18:34 - 2019/06/05
CPZ needed on Woodyates rd , lots of commuter traffic parking for the station as it is last in zone 3.
16:33 - 2019/06/05
Fly tipping
15:03 - 2019/06/05
Parking on the street and fly tipping
15:03 - 2019/06/05
Poor visibility for vehicles turning into Manor Lane from Dillinger Road. This is due to vehicles being allowed to park on the pavement close to the junction in Dillinger.
21:14 - 2019/06/04
Being able to get to the end of my road in less than 10 minutes (against a steady stream of traffic cutting through) due to all the parked commuters.
18:49 - 2019/06/04
Actually being able to reverse out of my drive in the morning without being hit by another car speeding through.
18:49 - 2019/06/04
The design of parking bays takes them too close to junctions resulting in poor visibility for drivers
12:33 - 2019/06/01
In narrow residential roads parking bays should offer passing places. Parking on both sides creates problems for passing when all the bays are full or if there are deliveries and then double parking.
12:33 - 2019/06/01
Pollution from the diesel trains at Hither Green maintainable depo.
09:31 - 2019/06/01
Noise from all traffic accelerating through rat runs
11:05 - 2019/05/31
So many weeds on the pavements some of the pavements are unuseable in our area.
07:32 - 2019/05/29
Noise from Buses and Lorries and Emergency vehicles
14:17 - 2019/05/28
Air quality around Lewisham gateway - need to reduce number of vehicles on the road.
21:47 - 2019/05/21
More off road/segregated lanes for cyclists. Lots of commuters passing through or living in the borough. Drivers don’t respect 20 miles speed limit Streets. Can be scary at times.
00:22 - 2019/05/21
Cycle and scooter parking sheds in Schools and at Public institutions like Churches, Mosques, Temples , Synagogues, Gurudwaras, University Hospital Lewisham at Lewisham Council, etc..
20:37 - 2019/05/20
More renewable energy used by schools, religious institutions
20:34 - 2019/05/20
bicycle friendly
14:25 - 2019/05/18
Better incentives for adoption of cycling, renewable energy and electric vehicles
11:28 - 2019/05/18
The relationship between street and garden trees and pollution levels. Does the middle part of Woodyates have less pollution than the top and bottom bits because of the trees between it and Pitfold?
07:33 - 2019/05/17
Noise from traffic jams once oncoming traffic face off against each other on Fernbrook Road. Lots of beeping of horns from cars that are stuck behind the buses and people get shout out of their cars.
14:12 - 2019/05/14
Emergency services
06:26 - 2019/05/14
Safer neighborhood and reduction in crime rate
21:06 - 2019/05/13
Reduce resident parking in Lee Green by 50% which is the main cause of congestion and or erratic (frustrated) driving. Residents don't use their cars 80% of the time preventing road access
10:54 - 2019/05/13